I want to thank you so much not just for helping us troubleshoot and work through some of the difficulties we were having with breastfeeding, but for also being such encouraging, safe people to work with. You both caught me, a complete stranger, at a very vulnerable time where I felt like I was failing. (You no doubt do this countless times a day for so many people.) You both went out of your way to love my family and I. You helped me feel like I could continue to try and helped me to trust myself as a mom.

Gideon had a great 2-week doctor’s appointment yesterday. The Doctor was really happy with the progress he had made thanks to you guys.

Thanks so much again for caring about us as people and for helping us to continue to persevere. All three of us are so thankful for you!

Emily and Gideon


I was committed to breastfeeding my baby from the moment I had a positive pregnancy test result. I prepared myself by reading all about breastfeeding. I started nursing right after I delivered, but ten days later, my newborn had lost 15% of her birth weight and her pediatrician was concerned. The doctor recommended I see a lactation consultant, which crushed me. I was sure a lactation consultant was a mean nurse with cold fingers who would be disappointed I couldn’t figure this out on my own. I just knew there was nothing I could do because I’d read the book but failed. I couldn’t have been more incorrect!
Sally, the consultant at Kilgore’s Pharmacy, was kind, attentive, professional, supportive, personable, and positive. She didn’t assume anything — she asked what my goals were and gave me a plan for success. Then she was graciously available by phone and email for my hundreds of follow-up questions! She gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to nurse my daughter, as well as pump a stash of freezer milk. She also empowered my husband to help out!
I had a 90-minute commute (one-way) into Columbia and it was worth every second. I tell all my pregnant friends within a 100-mile radius of Kilgore’s, “Go see Sally!” She’s adept, patient, easygoing, and pleasant. You will receive personalized, professional care. She will help you reach your goals and keep your baby fed!

Jenna, Diana and Zelda

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