Q. What do you mean when you say Kilgore’s offers “Free Delivery”?
We understand that when you don’t feel well, you just want to get better and a lot of the time that means staying in bed so you can rest. Kilgore’s will deliver your prescriptions within the city limits, for FREE. We also have convenient drive-through’s at each location so you can pick up your prescriptions on the way home without having to come inside or wait a long time. This is really convenient for parents with a sick kid who need a prescription and need to get their loved ones home.

Q. How do you remove a tick and what are the symptoms if you have been bit?
A. Ticks are usually on the prowl from early Spring to late summer in Mid-Missouri. They hang around in tall grass and low lying brush. Wear protective clothing when you are in these environments like long sleeved shirts and long pants and hats. Wearing insect repellant is also a preventative measure.
Knowing how to safely remove a tick is important. Ticks form a strong bond with your skin by secreting a cement like substance that allows the tick to really stay put. Remove the tick by pinching the skin it is stuck to and pulling it up and outward so as not to leave the head of the tick behind. If you have been bit by a tick and begin to exhibit flu-like symptoms in nature like rash, fever, body aches, headache or nausea, then you need to see a physician. Antibiotics will treat most tick borne illnesses if caught relatively early.

Q. How can I treat my allergies?
A. Some prescription products have recently gone over the counter so gaining access to these medications has become easier. Antihistamines are available to help with the itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing. The level of drowsiness and effectiveness is something you will want to consult your pharmacist about. Oral decongestants are available to allow you to unclog your head so you can actually blow your nose. Eye drops are also available now without a prescription for your red, itchy eyes. Saline nasal rinses such as Nasopure can be used daily to help keep your nasal passages clear. If symptoms progress and you start to run a fever and just cannot get relief, then you need to consult your physician.

Q. What is the best way to deal with the itchy symptoms of poison ivy, sumac or bug bites?
A. Some things you can do to get relief might involve a prescription if you catch it early enough. Start with antihistamines to treat your symptoms of rash and itching. Consult your pharmacist to see if you can take Benadryl or Zyrtec. Drowsiness may occur so be aware of that. Steroid creams such as hydrocortisone cream will help with the redness and swelling associated with poison ivy and bug bites. Also, there are special over-the-counter washes that you can buy that can help eliminate the oil from poison ivy or sumac if you notice right away that you have been in contact. Other products that can be effective contain the topical anesthetic Pramoxine 1%. These are products that we recommend frequently. Feel free to ask us or your doctor for more information.