Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy has been compounding personalized medications for over twenty years.  Over that time period, compounding has become a highly specialized and regulated field.  Several years ago, Kilgore’s combined all its compounding services from each location into a centralized facility in order to focus on the quality of our products and elevate our level of customer service in the compounding area.  Growing this area of our business has been rewarding but also challenging.  We have always believed in trying to keep the cost of medications down for our patients without compromising on quality.  Unfortunately, without a larger number of patients and prescribers, that is nearly impossible. CoMo Compounding (the company that has acquired Kilgore’s Compounding) has the resources that will allow patients to still receive affordable medications with personalized attention and care, prepared by the SAME experienced staff.  Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy’s retail locations will still service all of your other pharmacy needs, as they have for several decades.

CoMo Compounding can be reached at 573-777-9288

Will Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy still prepare compounds for patients?

Unfortunately, due to how highly regulated and specialized compounding is, none of our locations are equipped to provide these services.

I pick up my compounded prescription at a Kilgore’s location, can I still do that?

Unfortunately, CoMo Compounding is now a separate independent pharmacy and Missouri Board of Pharmacy regulations do not allow for this.

Can I pick up my prescription at CoMo Compounding?

CoMo Compouding will be happy to mail or deliver your compounded medication.  The facility that medications are prepared at is a sterile facility.  In order to maintain the highest level of quality control, foot traffic must be at a minimum.

Can I still pick up my REGULAR medications at my chosen Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy location?

Yes!  This change ONLY applies to COMPOUNDED medications.

Can I still use the RxLocal APP to order refills?

Yes!   RxLocal gives you the option of adding another pharmacy to your account from the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner.  You will have to fill your prescription at CoMo Compounding one time in order to get a new prescription number but after that it works just like before.

Do I need to put a credit card on file with CoMo Compounding?

Yes.  Our pharmacy software system has security measures in place so that your credit card information is stored safely.  It does not allow us to share that information with CoMo Compounding.

Who should I call if I have questions?

Please call CoMo Compounding at (573) 777-9288 and staff there will be happy to assist you.

At the beginning of the letter you said my compound will be made by the SAME experienced staff?  Is that true?

Yes!  Your compound will be made in the same building by the same great staff as before.  They will just be under new name and ownership starting 2/27/2024.

Has the ownership of Kilgores retail pharmacies changed?

No! The same group of partners own Kilgores Medical Pharmacy retail stores and business. Our commitment to serving mid-Missouri is as strong as ever! The sale of the compounding division will ensure we can focus our efforts in maintaining the highest level of customer service to our retail patients.