UPDATE (05/03/2020):
How Kilgore's is Addressing the First Phase of Reopening.

Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy continues to be open the regular store hours.  We are dedicated to keeping our employees and patients healthy.  

As part of this, we will continue to keep our lobbies closed and follow our procedures that we put in place for COVID-19 that you can read below.  Our goal is to continue serving people in an efficient manner.  Remember if you need an over-the-counter item, we can still help you even though the lobby is closed.

If you'd like to avoid the busiest times of day at the pharmacy, our drive thru and curbside services are busiest from 11:30-12:30 and 4:30-5:30 on week days.

We are continuing to monitor changes and look forward to the day that we can open up our lobby again.

Most of our original post can be read below.

We as healthcare professionals are complying with the CDC recommendations and OSHA guidelines thus far. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Actively sick employees with fever and other flu-like symptoms are going to be required to stay at home until fever free for at least 24 hours.
  • If an employee were to show up to work sick with symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath, they will be asked to go home.
  • Employees will be performing frequent hand washing
  • We have provided gloves, alcohol, hand sanitizer, and N95 masks for all of our employees. Masks will not be required, but will be optional at this time until further notice or developments.
  • You will see the cashiers, drive thru personnel, and delivery drivers utilizing gloves and/or masks. They will be performing frequent sanitization with alcohol in between patients on a routine basis. We simply can not take any chances when we take care of immuno-compromised patients first hand some days.
  • Do not be alarmed if you see a staff member wearing a mask as it is for YOUR protection.
  • We have implemented routine sanitation schedules for high touch areas within our pharmacies, using the appropriate recommended cleaning agents.

  • Use our DRIVE-THRU! We have closed our lobby to visitors, but are happy to assist with Over-the-counter items for those using our drive-thru.  
  • Practice “social distancing” when in the community or when interacting with our staff. Please try to stay at least 6 feet away from others.
  • You can request mail order vs. delivery/pick-up. Give us a few days notice and request for your medications to be mailed directly to you. This minimizes traffic in the store. Over-the-counter items can be mailed for a small fee of $4 if they are not accompanied by a prescription. (Overnight requests are exempt from free mailing)
  • Download our Kilgore’s app to reorder medications. It is called RxLocal and you can find it in the App. Store. When you reorder your medications through the app., PLEASE specify a day that you will likely be picking up or let us know if you want your prescription mailed!
  • Pay with a credit card if at all possible to minimize the exchange of cash with our delivery drivers/cashiers.

Again, we may change our procedures depending on what the upcoming weeks bring. If we do, we will keep you notified on our Facebook page and our website www.kilgoresrx.com

Take care and try to stay healthy!

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Our services

Medical Equipment

At Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy we offer a variety of durable medical equipment for sale and/or rent, like wheelchairs, walkers, IV poles, nebulizers, bedside commodes, ostomy and urological supplies.

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Compression Garments

We have a wide variety of styles and brands including Jobst and Medi brands for graduated compression stockings. Both prescription and over-the-counter graduated compression stockings are available in knee-high, thigh-high, waist-high, and maternity styles.

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Mastectomy Supplies

Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy has a certified mastectomy fitter for breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras who is up to date on the latest products. We have a large selection of Amoena, Jodee, and TruLife breast forms and bras. Kilgore’s fitting specialist can special order for you and bill covered items to Medicare and Medicaid.

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Diabetic Supplies

Kilgore’s is a full-service diabetic supply pharmacy. We will do everything we can to make managing your diabetes easier. Whether you’re looking for diabetic meters, glucose strips, diabetic shoes, insulin, glucose tablets, sugar-free cough drops, or sugar-free cough syrup, you’ll find it here. Kilgore’s has a variety of diabetic shoe styles to choose from: tennis shoes, lace up shoes, Velcro shoes, sandals, and boots.

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Kilgore’s is one of the only full service compounding pharmacies in the state and we can compound specialty medications that you can’t find elsewhere. We can specially package or flavor a medication for you or your child and even make medications for the furry little members of your family.
We are a member of Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America.

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Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy’s Certified Lactation Consultants understand the powerful bond built between a mother and her child while breastfeeding as well as the excellent nutritional benefits breastfeeding provides. They also understand the many challenges mothers can face trying to nurse their child.
Whether you are struggling or just looking for some tips to make nursing the best it can be, our Lactation Consultants are here to help you. Get more information on our Baby Connection page.

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